Cottage Garden, 2013

A 16th Century Cottage, 1 ½ hour away from Vienna , in the pre-Alps , of Lower Austria (Niederrösterreich).
The present owner took over the Cottage in 1989, after more then 40 years of neglect .
First, the overgrown garden was re-designed: old tree or shrub was maintained, grass was seeded, new flowers planted and the garden was fenced with wooden handcut posts, to protect the flowers from deer and other wild stock thriving in the surrounding forest.
After that new flower beds have been created in several spots where the sun shines at different times of the day. Almost all traditional cottage flowers from Niederrösterreich have been planted, giving the Cottage a typical and natural outlook .
1995 a new flower garden as been set up, for the only purpose to be able to cut enough flowers for all the vases in the house (and wild berries for the kids too….).

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