Design Objective:

The client wish to have a garden with seasonal interest, and winter structure. It should be implemented an area where herbs could be grown and important was a flower cutting area. It should be enough place for their 3 children 4-8-10 to play with their friends, without too much involving the others. Ease of maintenance should be considered and area of lawn was to reduce.

Driving to the house should be more interesting and it should not be seen the tennis court anymore so clearly. Required was to redesign the front of the house to make the arrival more appealing.
For the South of the property its was asked to mix formal and informal aspects. When sitting on the terrace , they want to be surrounded by flowers to create a nice environment for relaxing and


The main entertainment is located in West-South direction, bordering the neighbour open fields, taking advantage of the sunny border and the open view over the fields and the direct access from
the house. The main terrace was enlarged and given a more defined sharp, where now its possible to gather with more people and having a “dinette”. Next to the “ dinette” is located the cube made of random stone slabs, surrounded by the flower beds. It could be used for a kind of buffet , if the place on the table becomes to small or as a seating possibility. The small terrace was also redefined and with almost invisible steel wires was created a training help for the existing Wistera sp. and new planted climbers. The formal request of the client was served by the strict quadrate design of the terraces and the flower beds and the informal atmosphere was brought in by the overburden planting which smoothens the edges and contours.

In the back area , in front of the main terrace, instead the concept was reversed: here the design is circular and the planting in contrast very formal with a planting carefully chosen for the structural
effect. The terrace is defined by the pond , which border can also be used for seating . The terrace nearly almost is surrounded by flower beds. The cutting flowers were positioned to the South area ,
where the huge tree is located . This, because the area can be overlooked from the inside of the house and it is cheerful having a big amount of flower to look at. The vegetable and herb beds remain in the original area, only shaped differently, to use them also for covering up the fence behind. The Greenhouse was only rotated towards the house which makes now the accessibility easier.

The entrance is redesigned almost totally: high trees Taxus baccata ‘Fastigata Robusta’ are planted between the window to interrupt the facade, flowerbeds also in front of the windows, to be enjoyed through the inside windows, either welcoming the arriving guest. A new designed path now allow direct access to the main terrace , which is edged by nicely clipped Buxus sempervirens.

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