Roof Garden; 2014

The roof garden was created on top of a 1932 building, from scratch.It was a neglected ugly rooftop with a breathtaking view over the roofs of the centre of Milano.
The request of the owner was to have an outlook from the sofas of the eight floor sofas, like living in the, countryside, even if located at the very centre of Milano.

To this purpose the allocation of the flowerbeds have been made progressively heightened, in order to give an impact of greater space and also to cover the few roofs that can be seen sitting on the sofas.

The property requested also to have a little pool for the kids to play, a place to store the gardening tools, a lawn, a romantic arbor, vaste flowerbeds and a place to eat. Oh, and a segregated poo-island for the dog! All in 250 squared meters.

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