The Mediterranean Garden



On Salina,Italy, one of the most beautiful of a chain of Islands of a volcanic archipelago, located in the Mediterraneam Sea, North of Sicily, I am happy to realize for my London based client, his escape from the wet and foggy English climate.

The new Mediterranean Garden is divided in several zones and will reflect the passions of his owner. There will be an orchard, an citrus garden, grapes will be cultivated and the romantic retreat will allow a view over the whole house, with the village church in the background.

The planting will respect the dry and sunny weather all over the year and the choice between the range of impressive shapes and forms of succulents is breath taking. 

For this summer all the hard work has been done and the structure of the garden has been finished. The planting around the house and the distribuition of the planters has been accomplished, but now the hot season begins and no further planting is anymore possible till autumn.

Good time to get the feeling for the space and prepear plants for the planting in a few months.

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