2014 - Austria, in the pre Alps

The project was set up in Austria within a private garden. Being forced during the years to increase the quantities of fertilizer and pesticides to assure a healthy growing garden, the owner of the farm decided to change his gardening philosophy.
Starting by using EMa to water the plantsand treat the foliage, we set out to convert the old composting area into the new fermentation area.
To ensure enough material to provide the plenty flowerbeds with enough soil in spring the fermentation area was set up in august.
Tonnes of horse manure and  biological compost made of shrubs and green cut was purchased  and mixed together with fireplace ash , stone flour, horn shavings, shredded garden waste and cut grass. All was  treated with EMa,and covered up with a plastic sheet to allow the fermentation to occur in the mostanaerobicenvironment possible. At 700m above sea level the fermentation process will be slowed down by the changing season and dropping temperatures in early autumn. The micro organism will go dormant and will start to work again as soon as the temperatures will rise above 7 degrees.
In May, the material will be fermented; rich with nutritious substances, without rot bacteria orenergetic losses in form of gas.
A magnificent fertiliser for the garden , without any kind of chemical addition.

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