2014 - Italy, production of 25 tons of Bokashi

2014, Production of 25 tons of Bokashi; near Milan , Italy
The project was set up together with a maintenance company for private and public gardens in the area in and around Milan.
The manager of the structure was already for some time looking for solutions which would permit to reduce the enormous amount of fertilisation and pesticide which has to be used in the care of gardens now a days, to ensure that the gardens and terraces can give the best show.
The company itself is placed outside Milan, in the middle of an agricultural area, which allows them to obtain all different kind of material: horse waste, plant residues from a variety of cultivations, vegetal waste from the maintenance work.
The project is about to create a material to supply the gardens and terraces, which is energetic and nutritive enough to allow to reduce more and more further need of chemical treatment, but to replace these treatments with applications based on EM Effektive Mikroorganismen®“ to support and secure healthy and disease resistant plants..
The first step was now in July, to treat 15 tonnes of different organic material:
vegetative material, horse manure mixed with chaff with a solution of EM Effektive Mikroorganismen®“ + stone mineral powder. The amount of material was covered air-tightly as far as possible, to allow the fermentation process to start without oxygen.
The material will be left on hits own for 2-3 month , then it will be riddled to eliminate. existing stones or other not wanted material and will be ready for use.

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