High over Malta; 2019

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High over Malta !

To rearrange the terrace and the balcony of this gorgeous townhouse, these first had to be emptied of all old plants and pots. A difficulty at Valletta , because for the lifter, the whole street has to be closed for half a day. Therefor work was so organized that getting down the old plants and getting up the new ones had to be a single operation. A challenging task for the labor to get all done in a few hours, for more you do not get permission.

Low maintenance was asked and a planting that can cope with the challenging environment of the island: during winter, heavy rains with sharp winds and in the summer a hell of a heat with scorching sun. 

The Street Entrance got a re-fitting with Farfugium japonicum , a plant that loves shade, create huge cushions that evidence the separation from the entrance door to the street, without forming a high barrier. Bougainville glabrais positioned to the left of the entrance, with the aim of climbing up the whole facade of the house.

The Balcony on the 4th floor, next to the main bed room, has received more lush vegetation, consisting in Strelitzia reginae,Farfugium japonicum, and Jasminum officinalea to wrap the whole environment in a bewitching scent, that extends till into the bedroom.

On the exceptional Roof Terrace, with view over the harbor and the old city, were chosen more important, bigger plants, Phoenix roebelenii, which could shelter from views of the adherent terraces of the neighbor houses, without taking away too much from the view itself and give a strong accent to the outlying area. Jasminum officinaleis used to cover the railing in future and to keep the visitor into a summery fragrance cloud. The seating area is settled into cushions of Pittosporum tobira.

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