Next to the Lake; 2018-2019

View : the making of !!!!!!

Next to the Lake !

The hedges already were mostly gone, instead of the plants, the private area was separated from the public path, that extends alongside the property, with the help of logs. The privacy of the adjacent property was not anymore given. It needed a completely new approach. 

The brief was, that the wall should not be an all over the year sight protection, but only from spring onwards a green wall should start to protect the area from curious eyes. During Spring – Summer – Autumn the owner could enjoy the property at the lake, without being disturbed by the floating up and down of the tourists, using the path next by.

During winter time the situation changed completely. Here it was wanted that people, walking on the path, could enjoy also the view over the lake, up to the mountains.

This was realized in setting up a trellis from rusting iron, not in a straight rectangle shape, but ending on top in waves, to give the stroller a sense of variety.

Parthenocissus tricuspidata "Veitchii" and Polygonum aubertii are planted , to climb up, creating a green wall during summer. With the deciduous leaves falling down in autumn the view onto the lake is there again. 

In front of the wall, on the inside of the property Marietta decided to plant Miscanthus sinensis "federweisser Flamingo" to break down the high of the wall and to shelter furthermore the sun bather on the property from the outside. It gives the property also a wilder atmosphere, responding to the total nature all around.

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