About me

I chose to begin my present term of life, in a place that is surrounded by water and beyond it, hills and woods.
The water surrounding the house protects,
The old trees, greeting the sky with their crowns disclose the infinite fields that pull and disappear into the wide horizon.
I grew up in nature.
Nothing special :
The sun, illuminating the green always in a different shade of colour, depending on the daytime, on the weather, on the mood.
The sing-song of the ducks was my bedtime melody.
Suddenly silence,
clouds shifting,
water flowing, dripping, “plätschern”.
Nature has shaped me
and never let me out of its hand .
Still, the search continues tirelessly
to rediscover nature in its new ever-changing forms
The song is captured, intoned by the many different shapes and colours.
We savour a wide variety of fragrances,
seek and coordinate them with each other,
a constant challenge.
The variety is indescribable, the possibilities are inexhaustible.
Each of us,
Each day perceives Nature differently.
Each of us lives within nature differently:
One sees in a poetic way, would like a lovely environment to look at, observe all from a distance,
The other wants to immerse himself in its colours, shapes and fragrances,
The diversity of nature is endless; every continent has its typical forms, colours, its unique smell.
Each new situation is a new challenge, and still there was something hiiden, familiar, similar, some kind of pattern, a hidden thread.
Then in 2011 I learned about the effective microorganisms (Dr. T. Higa, Japan)
It was the earthquake, it turned everything in my life up and down: I was able to see death turning into life. Fermentation take the place of oxidation and decay.
Where there was fetid putridity, it was possible to have turgid lively energy.
There was… there is something, that has always been part of this world, something underlying all Nature, that lives together with us since the origin of the world before fauna and mankind even existed and that is ever since integrated in our world , but we did not see it and we didn’t understand it !!!!
Dr. T. Higa understood the mechanism, his research found out that certain combinations of anaerobic and aerobic microorganism work together, so that they convert organic materials into nutrients ready to be absorbed by the plant, without loosing energy in form of gas ( like methan ) .
The name of the process is FERMENTATION , used already in lots of ways to treat our food ( making cheese, beer, ect. ). But what seems to me like a miracle, is that the right mixture of microorganisms stops oxidation (and putrefaction) and starts fermentation instead.
The simplest way to explain how they work is :
EM lives off our waste and we live off their waste
When I work with the EM my enthusiasms is everyday newly fuelled, and I literally feel like the organisms recast the waste, or other organic residues in fragrant humus.
The circle of life visible in my everyday’s life.

Natur ist glücklich

Natur ist glücklich. Doch in uns begegnen
sich zuviel Kräfte, die sich wirr bestreiten:
wer hat ein Frühjahr innen zu bereiten?
Wer weiß zu scheinen? Wer vermag zu regnen?
Wem geht ein Wind durchs Herz, unwidersprechlich?
Wer faßt in sich der Vogelflüge Raum?
Wer ist zugleich so biegsam und gebrechlich
wie jeder Zweig an einem jeden Baum?
Wer stürzt wie Wasser über seine Neigung
ins unbekannte Glück so rein, so reg?
Und wer nimmt still und ohne Stolz die Steigung
und hält sich oben wie ein Wiesenweg?
Aus: Die Gedichte 1910 bis 1922 (Rielke,München, Frühjahr 1919)