Garden Design & EM-Technology Adviser

The range of service the company is offering goes from simple planting scheme, over the re-design of an existing garden towards a full new design of a garden structure.
It can be include consultancy and contract management, if requested and a following the work till the handover of the finished garden.
There is no limitation on working where ever: in Europe ,Uk or Overseas , where ever the side is located, it will be a well come challenge .
My work consists in finding out what are your dream of the place that surround you and to bring it to live. It goes from helping you in find some solutions to adapt your beloved garden to new demands, or to create it totally new from scratch. You only need some new planting ideas – no problem.
Be prepared that I will always try to get you involved and inspired by the existence of the microorganism, which I will try to include into the daily live of your future garden. But I will respect you wish, if you prefer a maintenance in a classic way.

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The e-commerce website of the company Multikraft (unlike that of does not allow interactive purchases for Italy. It only allows to select products and subsequently generates an email requesting a quote for the selected products. This section of my website may come in handy for you, because it presents only the EM products with whom I work, so it is less likely that you by mistake order a product that you don’t need.