2014 - Italy, near Monte Rosa

2014 - Italy, near Monte Rosa

To become independent of the yearly need to purchase extra soil supply for the vegetable garden and the flowerpots, the family decided to build their own Ema treated “fermentation area”. The decision to use the EMa came from the constant need of fertilizer and pesticides to assure that the flowers were blooming in abundance and healthy.

To sustainably improve the health of a garden, the EMa treatment is applied in two separate but similar ways to the root and the foliage.
The process to strengthen the foliage occurs throughout the season by spraying and watering them with a solution of EMa and water. On the other hand the treatment to the root system is applied once at the beginning of spring and consists in adding EMa generated soil to the flowerbeds.

To produce the EMa generated soil, the family will start by treating their kitchen waste with EMa, which will be collected over the summer in a designated area near the house. At the end of the season, all flowers from the pots and the autumn cut from the vegetable garden will be added to the mount of the kitchen waste, were fermentation will have already started. The material will then be treated with EMa and finally covered up with a plastic sheet.
As the property is located in Italy, near the Monte Rosa, at about 1.500m from the sea level. the warm period, were the EMa treatment is most effective, will be shorter than usual.
However, by the beginning of spring , the treated material will have turned to soil and be ready to fill the new flower pots or the vegetable garden.

Soil generated by EMa treated material is rich in natural and nutritious compounds In this way the needed supply for new soil for the season will be created on location and the sustainability circle is closed.

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